Archetypes of Revolution

| | | | | | - november 26th, 2011

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Archetypes of Revolution is a user-generated visualization of worldwide protest movements and revolutions. An interactive world map displays all the images per continent. Next to the website the images are displayed in an interactive installation.



The installation allows users to audio-visually explore protests around the globe, choosing a continent brings its form of protest and message to the forefront but silences other continents. For the installation I developed a lightweight camera motion-tracker (AS3), to precisely analyze the location of multiple users on the map.


archetypes of revolution website

For the project I also designed & developed a single page website. The website provides the content for the installation, it allows visitors from all over the world to upload their own personal visual protest in the form of an image, linked to their location. The idea behind this is to offer an archive of personalized protest images (not what is shown by big media), that can be used to visualize cultural differences of protest as well as the use icons and archetypes throughout the world. We decided to offer free XML feeds so the data is easily accessible for everyone.

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Archetypes of revolution was developed in collaboration with Beer van Geer, Carolien Teunisse and Tim Terpstra and was commisioned by Hivos, Gegoten Lood and TodaysArt.