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  • Supportr / Heartville
  • Supportr / Heartville
  • Supportr / Heartville

For Qlvr I was part of the development team for Heartville / Supportr, from the first technical prototype till the first version of the application, game and coach-tool.

HeartVille is a social game that helps people to persevere in their lifestyle improvement. The initial target group will be psychiatric patients, who’s life expectancy is 25 years (!) less than the average population, mainly because of their lifestyle.

Heartville is a blended healthcare solution that combines the benefits of a support group, social media and gameplay to help players achieve their personal lifestyle goals. Players will be grouped together in a real time social game where they are challenged to restore the ruined village of Heartville into a paradise. But there’s a catch: to obtain the needed tools and objects tot build up your world, you need to fulfill your personal lifestyle goals. The social encouragement of your group as well as the short-term gratification of the game helps you to keep making the right choices.

HeartVille is complementary to an existing and proven lifestyle coach program called ‘TrafficLight’. The development of the game will be based on scientific research and testing within a psychiatric hospital of GGz Central under guidance of Prof. Peter van Harten. After the initial development, the game can easily be modified to cater different target groups, such as obese adolescents or heart patients.

for more information visit Heartville.nl