1. Crailsheim – Germany

    | - 01/09/2010

    I took some photos during my stay in Crailsheim Germany (visiting a good friend for a weekend), and even though the weather wasn’t the greatest at times, it felt good being out of the city and away from the computer screen for a while. Check out the photo’s on Flickr.

  2. Site design decisions

    | | | - 01/02/2010

    The current version of this website has been online for a while now and even though it’s still work in progress I’m pretty satisfied with it. This article will focus on the reasoning behind the design and development of this website, which should give an insight into my usual design approach from start to finish.

  3. Unwinding in Bergen – Norway

    | - 08/10/2009

    I recently graduated (yay!) and since I didn’t get to have a break for the last 9 months I really needed a vacation, away from the computer screen, phone, e-mail, twitter, and all those other things that made me stress out the last few months… The day after I graduated (this also happened to be [...]

  4. 9 jaar Media

    | | - 09/09/2009

    Dit is een artikel over mijn traject als student, een zelfreflectie op mijn studie periode die interessant zou kunnen zijn voor toekomstige studenten die zich momenteel nog aan het oriënteren zijn. De informatie in dit artikel is gebaseerd op mijn persoonlijke ervaringen, dit betekent niet dat alle informatie overeenkomt met het tegenwoordig aangeboden curriculum van [...]

  5. Blog – Frank in Africa ‘08

    | | - 07/09/2009

    During the Virus Free Generation Hip-Hop Tour I attempted to keep a blog. Because Internet isn’t a sure thing in Africa, and without much free time it soon became a hard task to keep up to date. And after my laptop crashed because I killed a mosquito (read about it here) it got even harder, [...]