Leave your trace

| | | | | - februari 25th, 2014

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  • Leave your trace
  • Leave your trace
  • Leave your trace

Developed in collaboration with Mickey did it.

Leave your trace gives visitors of the Red Star Line Museum (in Antwerp – Belgium) the chance to become part of the migration story the museum exhibits. Visitors fill out a simple form, take a picture and instantly become part of an animation that sends the visitor on a journey to America.

For this Project I developed 2 AIR applications, an API, and a website that allows visitors to watch/share their personalized animations.


The input application allows visitors to submit their details and take a picture, when this is finished the application attempts to upload this information to a web-server. Extra backup routines were added to make sure visitors are always able to view their personalized animation, this was done by adding temporary local storage, and by adding a secondary communication routine using Sock – simple AIR sockets.

Filters and other image manipulation was added to convert the user image into a greyscale polaroid that fits the application and animation.


The output application plays a seamless stream of personalized animations, it’s has a simple Queue, which shows visitors how long they’ll have to wait until their animation will play. It also features a routines to make sure there is always (new) content to play. About 700 unique animations are played each day so memory management was an essential part of developing this application.

The animation consists of two separate video layers to allow the user image to blend in with the rest of the animation. A custom sub-pixel tracking system was created to makes sure the user image is correctly positioned/scaled and rotated on each frame of the animation.

At Home

Visitors receive an email containing a link to their personal animation which can be shared on social media (Facebook & Twitter) up to 2 months after visiting the museum, and are invited to share their own migration story using Red Star Line – Share your story.