Sock – Simple AIR Sockets

| | | | - juni 13th, 2012

Sock - Simple AIR Sockets

Sock – Simple AIR Sockets is an AIR Socket server/client SWC component for AIR Desktop Applications with an XML save function attached to it (in a nutshell). It’s simple to setup but has plenty of optional settings to make very complex communicative structures between multiple (AIR) applications running on multiple, or on a single, computer.

Sock was developed after I spent months dealing with sockets and socket-data on a semi-daily basis, developing a suite of apps that had to share/sync user settings amongst each-other, but also outside the AIR runtime environment, setting up a socket connection isn’t the hardest thing in the world, making them work reliable across multiple apps keeping all data synced correctly is! To avoid this problem in the future I decided to develop a component that would save me a lot of time in the future, the result is Sock!


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  • Easy/Quick base setup, (less than 5 lines of code).
  • Plenty of optional settings for customization.
  • A widget that visualizes data transfer, so you can see when/what data is sent/received.
  • Good error/warning handling that you can actually understand.
  • Automated Server recovery.
  • Automated Client reconnect.
  • Simple to save data to XML. (loaded on application startup)
  • Setup listeners or test cases and link them to your own callback functions.
  • Actively request data from other (running) applications.
  • Automated shutdown routine that correctly closes all socket connections on application shut down.
  • Always accessible throughout your own classes by just adding a single line of code.
  • Developed for Desktop AIR applications using Flex SDK 4.6 (AIR 3.1 and up)

Get Sock – Simple AIR Sockets

Sock – Simple AIR Sockets v1.0 is available for download, feel free to use it any way you’d like. Feel free to contact me with questions but don’t expect any support.