1. Heartville/Supportr

    | | | | | | | | - 25/02/2013

    For Qlvr I was part of the development team for Heartville / Supportr, from the first technical prototype till the first version of the application, game and coach-tool. HeartVille is a social game that helps people to persevere in their lifestyle improvement. The initial target group will be psychiatric patients, who’s life expectancy is 25 [...]

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  2. MythII 3rd Party Maps

    | | | - 30/01/2008

    What is MythII Soulblighter Myth is a real time tactical game based on squad and unit management rather than resource gathering and expansion. Thanks to a realistic physics engine and meticulous unit balance, gameplay is highly varied and flexible. Originally released by Bungie in 1997, Myth defined a completely new genre. However, with today’s standards [...]

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  3. Amsterdams Historisch Museum: Xsee Amsterdam

    | | | | - 30/11/2007

    Stage: Een webgame gebaseerd op een Kaart van Amsterdam voor het Amsterdams Historisch Museum. in de game speel je een alien die de weg kwijt is geraakt en op aarde is neergestort, hij is op het Amsterdams historisch museum neergekomen en door de klap zijn alle objecten uit het museum door de stad verspreid. Aan [...]

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  4. Pirate Hold’em Poker

    | | | - 01/11/2005

    Pirate Hold’em Poker, a PHP script exercise for class, a script that plays poker on its own, betting was never included, it basically shuffles, deals, and compares player cards to the board, defining the hands and winner. updates every few seconds and writes results to a database for analysis, fairly accurate.

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  5. Myth Icons / Logo

    | | | - 01/01/2005

    OSX replacement icons for CD, and mapmaking applications High res version of the myth logo

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