Unwinding in Bergen – Norway

| - oktober 8th, 2009

I recently graduated (yay!) and since I didn’t get to have a break for the last 9 months I really needed a vacation, away from the computer screen, phone, e-mail, twitter, and all those other things that made me stress out the last few months…

The day after I graduated (this also happened to be my 25th birthday, double yay!) I packed all my stuff and the day after I left to Bergen – Norway to visit a good Friend. Goals for this holiday were to reconnect with nature (wow that sounds kinda zen) and to unwind and relax before starting my new life as a design professional (more about this in another post).


Mountain top panorama 1945 Mountain view Radiotowers Crabs Pollock with Lemon

Things to mention

  • Went on a survival trip, build my own shelter and slept in it, we stayed dry throughout the night but after 6 hours of rain it started to leak a little. We left because we failed to get a fire going (everything is wet in Norway).
  • I got a new nickname ‘Survivor Ken’.
  • Went fishing and caught 3 mackerel, 2 Pollock and 1 unknown fish, all were between 25 and 45cm in length and tasted great.
  • Climbed a mountain called ‘Lшvstakken’, one of the seven mountains in Bergen.
  • I had a great time, it was Awesome!

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